Q1.Does every dog that enters the park need to be spayed/neutered?
All dogs 8 months of age and older must be spayed/neutered even if you are just visiting for the day.
Q2. What are the vaccination requirements?
All dogs must be current on DHLPP( including lepto), Bordetella, and Rabies to be able to enter the park, and you must provide documentation. 
Q3. Do park hours fluctuate?
Yes. We are a small business start-up if the weather forecasts calls for heavy rain or traffic is slow due to cold weather we will close the park early. If you want to find out the latest information on opening/closings, feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also sign up for our text alerts by texting “Fetch” to 84483.
Q4. Is the entry fee per pup or person?
The entry fee is per pup. We do not charge for people to enter the park unless we are having a ticketed event.
Q5. If my dog gets kicked out due to behavioral issues can I get refund?
No. We try to go above and beyond when it comes to dog safety at Fetch, if you are not 100% sure your dog is friendly and social we recommend you visit one of the numerous city parks around town until you feel positive your dog is friendly. 
Q6. Is food allowed inside fetch?
We allow no outside food or drink in the main park(including dog treats), there are absolutely no exceptions and violators will be asked to leave. We have recently set up a private space outside of the main dog run that can be rented for events and doggie birthday parties. This area, separate from the main park, allows for outside food as part of the rental fee.
Q7. Does Fetch Park allow kids?
While we do allow kids, Fetch is a dog park first. All kids must be under strict adult supervision at ALL TIMES!
Q8. Can we bring our own dog toys?
For the safety of the dogs in the park we do not allow outside toys. Also if you damage signage in the park due to an errant throw you will be responsible for damages. Please direct your throws away from park signage!