Fetch Marks the Spot.

Automating parking management by leveraging big data and cost effective technologies.

What Fetch Park Does

We provide facility managers and government municipalities a modern, lower cost, and higher revenue way to manage their parking system.

  • The Fetch Park system is installed at a parking facility or on the street for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.
  • The Fetch Park interface lets facilities price their spots dynamically as demand changes.
  • The Fetch Box then collects and stores customer information as they park.

The Fetch Park App

Reserve a spot, so it's there waiting for you, or simply drive into a Fetch Park spot and we'll send a notification with reservation details.

Search for parking around your destination. Compare rates, availability, and lot info. Even get paid to park if you’re willing to walk a little bit.

Pull into the parking area. If there is a gate it will automatically open to allow access. When you leave we will add up the time spent in the garage and process the payment as you're driving away.

Interested in Fetch Park?

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